I'm gonna to get braces soon,is't so freak and sudden?
actually be afraid is for sure,tell me who don't care about the pain when the braces are setting up on your teeth?
This is my decision
had paid the money for treatment ady
Just have to take X-ray and make an appointment with the dentist
actually BEAUTY is not my first reason to do it
Im just worry about my teeth when im getting older
Im not caring the ugly look when the braces on my teeth
Im just caring the procession to make it!!!
I still remember that I was a very anti-dentist person when I was a naugthy girl.
I scare to enter the clinic
But whenever there must has a person beside me
that is my DADDY. <3

This time,naturally my dad will accompany me too
I was endure my tears while my dad was speaking to me today
I miss the time when I was young ...
thank you so much ..

Im expecting now
I ady told my boy that he can't laugh at me during this 2 years
and must call me lenglui and cutie girl anytime !





Attended the Talent Time night event that i was never anticipate to attend before at Tarc.TT night is a competition for those first year Tarcian to participate,the categories including solo singing,group singing,dancing,instrumental and emcee.I had attended for last year TT night with ex-bf.That is the first time I realise that Tarcian's talent not bad too ,haha. :)

Let's the photo to talk in thousand words.

outfit for that night - semi-formal

with sexy & strong woman look - Xavier Ong

Shannie & Kathryn

Stanley,SK,Shannie,Kathryn,Xavier ..

.. and ME !

Actually I'm lazy to describe those performance ... zz
I just share some photos which performance I like :)

I like this guy,did a awsome performance with his harmonica ! <3

QiaoXin,ShiLun and JinYin were did a nice performance also !
you all are proud of Chong Hwa. :)
TT night in this year abit bored compare with last year.
The performance in last year was SHOCK !
Btw,they also did a nice performance.
Although all the finalist were exhausted,but those comitteeeeees are working harder all the time!The worthy clap should giving for them ! :)
Thank you all

With two handsome bossss :D

After finished the event,we decided to have our dinner(it's supper time ady).My hubby was calling me to meet him at 12-lou because he came back!Suppose he would come back KL on Sunday so that was a surprise to hear that.Miss him much much.<3


Today is our half year anniversary .. generally there should have a celebration or something happened .. but what I told him not some sweet-touching words but was "You are not romantic",haha.
Yeaa,he was not a romantic guy now compare with last 2 years.What action usual a boyfriend would did he never do it X)
However,he is a genuine bf that I never meet before. :)
Thanks awful lot to him who was always treats his gf like a BABY. X)

Sadly that he must working for today and this is the reason why we do not have a celebration for our anniversary.Nevermind,there will be a greater and more romantic celebration on next anniversary celebration ! ;)

I'm waiting ..... (pray)

So,today went to a family day !
My dad decided to "Jalan-jalan Cari Makan",good ideaaa !!

Ruby was so exited X)

The first station - DURIAN STALL XD
our favourite food ! <3

including ....

RUBY !! look at her with a greedy-face X)

Next station - Desa Park City
Should make some friends with dogs at there but unfortunately there was raining heavily
So we went inside to the Pet Shop for a while
I saw a super cute poodle !!!

As I enter stationery shop,so I like to enter pet shop too !

Next station - food court @ Kepong

Can't imagine how i will look like in future ...
because im keeping eating eating eating !!

OMG ... gonna to get failed to be a sexy girl from my hubby X)


Sisters' Anniversary

I'm officially Ms.Procrastinate.Sorry for no updating my blog for long time,was pretty busy with work.(not at all also hehe) I'm really would like to update something about my life,but there has a virus prevented me ... wat's tht ? LAZY x)

Anyway,can't believe that June is end up soon.Just unbelievable time flies really fast.There's so many things I wanted to achieve in this year!Time to put my skates on and work harder!Haiz Miss,just do it that u able to do now,other things that should waiting for the time just waiting"There is a time for everything".I want to lead a meaningful life without bored!!Feel very dissapointed with myself causes of my lazy!I want to learn something during this year which i should wait for my study life.Planning to practice back my piano skill before I take piano lesson.Wow,can't wait for the lesson,I wish to be a little music-knowledge girl because my father and brother are musician,grr .. stressful u knw?haha

start to the topic that I would like to share in this post.
But I'm just only share some photos to talk the story,haha.It's not lazy but hard to express the 'process' of that day.

Was invited to celebrate our 6.18 Sisters' Anniversary at Sunway Pyramid on 18 June 2011.Suppose there will 5 girls in our celebration,but sadly that another 2 girls were not attending .. It's a pity although everyone was understanding the reason.Hoping someday there will all fine like last time.

Those who were attending for that day : Chloe,Me and Fion. (where's LingJye ? XD )

outfit for that day,went for semi-casual.

We had a short shopping time before movie -
quite nice and funny movie X)
Just realise that din't watch movie with my babe sister for long time <3

The dust-jacket of the

after movie we went to have our dinner @ 又一城茶餐厅
realise that I should take the photo of the environment where I dropped by.

3 of us .. so appreciate our friendship much much.
Chloe and Fion said :"there are become less and less people in the photo with the time flies."

anyway,thank awful lot to my best sisters who beside me always when im lonely or impressed.
our 5 years friendship ... will not end up easily.
Please don't try to play off the relationship between my sisters and me.
Mr and Ms.




说谎话你最厉害。 :)



是的,曾经心里说的、口中说的、讲的、喊的 “一家人” ............ 没了。
其实很心痛的 .. 因为我曾经真的很爱这一家 ..

... 从此 ,一 刀 两 断 。






今天lunch time和姐妹Stella一起享用
好久没有一起去吃roti canai,聊些我们的爱情生活了。
appreciate <3

我们俩啊 ... 都沉溺了,沉溺在爱情世界里了~~~
不过她比我还严重,起码我会拉住自己,她却是爱情大过天那种了 X)

*I want to learn a lot of things extremely currently,there are yoga vocal piano and so on.
However,working prevented me from taking those classes. :(
After I get a stable job and started my course only can arrange the time to do it.
somemore I need to change my phone ! I need !! Looking for Xperia X10 now ~

Live for life,life for live.

Everything is fine always.


我 不 怕


先去唱K 然后再逛逛
我购物 他都在身后帮我拿东西 X)
thankiieeww larh ❤

这几晚听到他说那些话 不小心感动到了 X)
谢谢你总是对我那么好 .. 谢谢你懂得珍惜这段感情
7年 ..


我那紧张的心 让我忍住了眼泪好久
对 其实我真的很害怕 ..
我一直问自己 18岁 你Ok吗 ?
可是 这真的是很棒的课程

我想了很久 听了哥哥和Ms.Penny说

但是不管是哪条路 都是在增值自己
我想 就让自己去撞板吧
反正出来社会后 我都作了很多勇敢的决定
连工作 都自己找了
读书 也勇敢地去读吧 这是看自己有多好学
我相信 未来与这些社会阶层的大人们一起学习 肯定可以很快进步吧
虽然一开始一定比较痛苦 X)

明天就开工啦 !!

期待新环境 新同事 新工作 新岗位 ...

唐芯琳 生活就是要不断地学习 不断地进步
把当初那个奋斗精神拿出来 !

我 不 怕 !

Fighting !!